About Us

TireSport was founded in the summer of 2011 and is the result of hard work, preparation and a passion for performance.

The creator of TireSport is Aaron Ponciano and tires run deep in his blood. Before he was even born his grandfather started by selling tires on the side as he worked on friends and neighbors cars as a mechanic and eventually sold tires at his shop. Later on Aaron's father worked for BFGoodrich in his early days, his step father currently owns a car lot and tire store where he got his actual experience and tire knowledge as an adult.

Aaron Ponciano balancing a wheel and tire at TireSport in Eugene, Oregon.
Aaron Ponciano operating the Hofmann GeoDyna 2400 dynamic balancer. Shown with lug centric adapter for precise balancing of custom wheels.

"I am very pleased to have this become a reality. It is my passion for performance and style that has pushed me to finally open the doors. It takes great customer service as well as competitive pricing to succeed in this exciting market and I look forward to offering it to you. I am happy to share my passion with my family, friends and customers. Stop by and say hi or tell your friends about us. Thank you. -Aaron Ponciano

TireSport buidling exterior location in Eugene, Oregon.