1120 Bailey Hill Rd
Eugene, Oregon
MON - FRI: 9 to 6
SATURDAY: 9 to 5
SUNDAY: Closed
5047 Main Street
Springfield, Oregon
MON -- FRI: 8am to 5pm
SUNDAY: Closed
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H1 Chrome

H1 Glossy Black

No.1 Black Diamond

No.1 Blk Mach BL

No.1 Blk Mach CL

NO.1 Blk Mach Fiero

No.1 Chrome

No.11 Blk

No.11 Blk Mach BL

No.11 Blk Mach BL Fiero

No.11 Chrome

No.12 Blk Mach

No.12 Chrome

No.13 Black Diamond

No.13 Blk Mach BL

No.13 Blk Mach CL

No.13 Blk Mach ML

No.13 Chrome

No.14 Black Diamond

No.14 Blk Mach BL

No.14 Blk Mach Fiero

No.14 Chrome

No.15 Blk

No.15 Blk Attach A

No.15 Blk Attach B

No.15 Chrome

No.15 Chrome Attach A

No.15 Chrome Attach B

No.15 Fiero

No.16 Black Diamond BI

No.16 Black w/BL w/CI

No.16 Chrome

No.16 Chrome w/BI

No.16 Black w/BL w/CI

No.16 Chrome

No.16 Chrome w/BI

No.17 Black Diamond

No.17 Black w/BL

No.17 Black w/CL

No.17 Chrome

No.18 Black Diamond

No.18 Black Diamond WA

No.18 Chrome

No.18 Glossy Black

No.19 Black Diamond

No.19 Black w/BL

No.19 Chrome

No.2 Black Diamond

No.2 Blk Mach BL

No.2 Blk Mach CL

No.2 Blk Mach ML

No.2 Chrome

No.20 Black Diamond

No.20 Chrome



No.21 Black Diamond

No.21 Chrome

No.25 Black Chrome

No.25 Black Diamond

No.25 Black Diamond WA

No.25 Chrome


No.3 Black Diamond

No.3 Blk

No.3 Chrome

No.4 Black Diamond

No.4 Blk

No.4 Blk Mach BL

No.4 Blk Mach CL

No.4 Blk Mach ML

No.4 Chrome

No.5 Black

No.5 Black Diamond

No.5 Blk Attach A

No.5 Blk Attach B

No.5 Blk Fiero

No.5 Chr Attach A

No.5 Chr Attach B

No.5 Chrome

No.6 Blk Mach BL

No.6 Chrome

No.7 Black Diamond

No.7 Blk Mach BL

No.7 Blk Mach BL Fiero

No.7 Blk Mach ML

No.7 Chrome

No.8 Black Diamond

No.8 Blk Mach BL

No.8 Blk Mach CL

No.8 Chrome

No.9 Black Diamond

No.9 Blk Mach BL

No.9 Blk Mach BL Fiero

No.9 Blk Mach CL

No.9 Chrome

NX-1 Blk

NX-1 Chrome

NX-2 Blk

NX-2 Chrome


NX-4 Blk

NX-4 Chrome

(541) 654-5420

TireSport, 1120 Bailey Hill Rd, Ste #1, Eugene, Oregon 97402
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TireSport is the exclusive dealer in Eugene, Oregon for Hercules Tires. was created and is powered by which is a Free Eugene Classifieds site. is a new and used tire store that sells custom wheels and rims and is located in the Eugene - Springfield, Oregon area.
This includes, Eugene, Springfield, Veneta, Junction City, Cottage Grove and Creswell, Oregon.